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Hemp Twine

In several emails, fans asked what gave me the inspiration to write Hidden Evil. Like most writers, ideas pop into my head from the most unusual things and places. This particular brainstorm came to me after I received a gift secured with several pieces of hemp twine. That simple wrapping sparked something in the back of my mind and Hidden Evil was born.

Putting the twine together with my love for reading, the scheme came to the forefront of my thoughts. If I can read books and watch TV shows about how criminals are captured using trace evidence, why couldn’t a killer? This one would subconsciously, use this knowledge to avoid capture and baffle local law enforcement officers so that they would not put the crimes together as an act of a serial killer.

The only evidence that these crimes were committed by one individual is the lack of evidence left at the crime scene. Then I had to get into the mind of a serial killer. Why would he kill? How would he kill? What makes him tick? Why no one suspects him? These are the questions that fueled the writing of the novel.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well Hidden Evil was received by not only readers but by law enforcement agencies across the nation, who took the time to write to me. Is there another book in the series forthcoming? Only time and inspiration will tell. Will Hidden Evil become a movie? There is some talk among independent filmmakers.

JW Thompson

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  1. Apparently you’re on the cusp. Enjoy the ride.

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